Designing a large family garden in Chester

So what do you do with a large plot and a budget that is substantial but a bit stretched for the size of the plot? Well, you have to compromise and prioritise. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful garden if you use the right garden designer 😉

Blue Tulip Garden Design had just this dilemma when we were appointed to design a garden in Chester a couple of years ago. Fortunately the client had young children who needed ALOT of space for their games and sports so we ‘designed’ in plenty of lawn.

The main priority was to provide the family with an extensive new dining terrace. This extended the entire length of the property, taking in the granny annexe, giving a few options for dining on the way. As this is a raised area, it provides a degree of interest in what is essentially a very flat plot. Extra wide steps create a seating area for family and friends to watch the children playing their completive sports on the lawn.  Planting has been brought close to the house so that it can be enjoyed close up rather than from a distance. Plants with some height were used to peep over the raised terrace. The purple flowered Verbena bonariensis grows up to 2.0m tall, always a useful plant to use en masse when you need an airy screening plant.

The […]