Designing my garden was harder than I thought it would be. Two years after starting the construction  it is now complete. There was a slight lull in proceedings whilst an extension to the house was built.  We now have a fabulous design studio overlooking the garden. It sometimes proves very hard to get any work done!



Putting together a design brief was both tricky and illusive for quite some time with so many options and possible design directions.  So much easier designing a garden for someone else!

The main aim was to maximise enjoyment of the sun. We also decided that we would like a small kitchen garden (well, hubby did); storage for logs and catering for wildlife was to be an overriding consideration.

A North Facing Garden

For a start my garden is north facing. The key to the layout is therefore to place the main entertaining area where it would get the last rays of the sun. This would have to be in the far corner of the garden. This also meant that the sun loungers would have to be alongside the dining area to ensure they are not in the shadow of the house.

The view from the double doors was crying out for a focal point. We divided the garden with a narrow path which was to lead to the large feature wall which became the main focal point. The actual look of the feature wall was yet to be decided.


Final Plan



This path divided the garden neatly in two. The ’kitchen garden’ sits to the left, conveniently situated in front of the kitchen, and the main area to the right.  This path also gave me the opportunity to add some height by adding a series of three arches,. These frame the view of the feature wall and create space for climbing plants. I also added height by planting trees in the borders – perfect for birds to perch in!