A Sloping Garden in Kettleshulme

A sloping garden in Kettleshulme was given a new lease of life by adding two usable flat areas. It was currently no more than an extension of the adjacent fields and there were no easy paths around the space. The design brief was to create a garden that did not jar with the surrounding landscape, but bled gently outwards from the centre towards the fields.

We created two flat areas. The first was at a lower level, extending the space surrounding the existing greeenhouse. A timber deck was chosen so that we could build it as a cantilever out over the slope below. Two beds were created at either side; one raised and one at deck level and built up from the sloping ground below.

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Our client's are are thrilled with their new garden. They now have a garden that they can actually use and somewhere to sit to enjoy the magnificent views of the hills.

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A second flat area was created at a higher level to be the main seating area. A curved stone wall has been built into the hillside providing shelter from the prevailing winds. There is enough space to allow the client to sit in a variety of positions within the semi circle of the wall to enjoy the view from different angles. A large retaining wall had to be built to hold back the extended platform we created. The best value option proved to be gabion baskets filled the same stone we used to build the curved wall, tying the space neatly together.

Winding paths were installed between the new levels, using soft and languid curves. Steps were incorporated to make moving around the slopes easier to negotiate. We wanted to keep all of the materials as natural as possible so the path and steps were built from timber and self binding gravel. Planting is rebust and naturalistic as possible, softening the edges of the hard landscaped areas.

Work With Us

Step 1

We will design your garden from the initial concept ideas through to finalising the requisite plans, drawings and written schedules, all of which are sent out to our recommended landscape team to quote.

Step 2

We continue to work with the landscape team throughout the build process to ensure your finished garden is installed to the highest standards and as per the specification.

Step 3

After sourcing the best quality plants at the best price, we will be on site to carefully set out all the plants in their final positions, ready for the landscape team to plant them.

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