The Final Design Package - What to Expect

The second stage of the design process involves putting together all the additional plans and written documentation required to provide full quotations and successfully build and plant your new garden.

A fully dimensioned plan of the design including all measurements and levels within the garden will be produced to enable the landscaper to set out the garden correctly and realise the plans on the ground. These are simply called the setting out plans as they quite literally set out the design on the ground. This is often carried out using spray paint (that wears away) so we can see where each element of the design is to be installed and sign it off before the build commences.


If the design of your garden includes any particularly complex hard landscaping features it may be necessary to design them in greater detail, and at a greater scale, before they can be built. We will produce any technical drawings that the landscape team need.

We also complete a written specification and scope of work, which is an essentia document for the landscape team to quote with. All materials and items needed to build the garden are set out with supplier details and instructions on how they are to be used or installed.


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Lighting Plans

We design any systems that are required including lighting. We don't intend to bring in the 'planes from Manchester airport, so aim to provide you with a subtle scheme that brings your garden to life at night. Care will be taken over safety, such as ensuring safe movement down steps. We will also use lighting to dramatic effect, lighting key elements to act as night time focal points. A simple spotlight under a tree can look spectacular in the dark.

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Planting Plans

Another essential element of our design service is to produce detailed decorative planting plans and schedules to accompany the spatial design. We take the palette of plants that we have developed during the design development stage and reduce this to the final short list of plants that we will use in your garden. They have been selected according to their colour, fragrance, texture, growth habit and size best suited to the specific conditions in the garden and, most importantly, to you required style and maintenance levels.

We then create a plan based on this list. This plan will show you which plants are to be used, their location, spacing and how many are required. The plants are counted and the final plant schedule created to be sent to the nursery for prices. When the plants are delivered the plants are set out with the guidance of the planting plan.

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We asked Louise to design a modern, contemporary garden with an emphasis on colour throughout the summer, combined with specific areas for entertaining. Her level of creativity, professionalism and attention to detail was exemplary. 

Shanila and Andrew Baseley, Wilmslow

Work With Us

Step 1

We will design your garden from the initial concept ideas through to finalising the requisite plans, drawings and written schedules, all of which are sent out to our recommended landscape team to quote.

Step 2

We continue to work with the landscape team throughout the build process to ensure your finished garden is installed to the highest standards and as per the specification.

Step 3

After sourcing the best quality plants at the best price, we will be on site to carefully set out all the plants in their final positions, ready for the landscape team to plant them.

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