The builders of a new house in Prestbury left behind a narrow stone terrace and curved steps to the upper lawn.  Neither of these awkwardly shaped areas sat comfortably with the grand Arts & Crafts style house.

The brief was to create a garden that would work in harmony with the materials and character of the house. It also needs to fulfill the lifestyle requirements of my clients and their two growing boys.

Space at house level needed to be maximised for entertaining whilst leaving enough lawn for the boys’ enthusiastic games of football. We therefore extended the main terrace outwards with access to the lawn via a number of steps around the terrace. The retaining walls doubled up as raised planting beds. Being able to bring greenery closer to the house helps to soften the hard landscaping. Planting is a mixture of grasses, perennials and clipped box and yew hedging. The client is an enthusiastic outdoor chef and a glass veranda was built against the house to create an all weather seating area.

Looks great in the rain

We chose a beautiful black slate to contrast with the white render of both the house and the walls. This also reflects perfectly the colour of the window frames. This tone looks wonderful when wet so  great when it rains, which it does a lot in the North West.

Free-standing rendered walls act as focal points seen from the two large windows, and in line with the main steps to the lawn.

The garden wraps around the side of the house where it isn’t viewed from the house. With so much additional space we were able to create a large basketball court for the boys. To make this all year round, we used artificial turf .

The garden now reflects the grandeur of the house whilst giving my clients everything on their wish list.

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