The owner of this small space wanted a traditional courtyard garden. A size of only 7.0 x 7.0m meant that we had a real challenge on our hands. This provided a real challenge to provide a  garden that was to be both practical and attractive.

First of all the client wanted to retain some lawn which meant that we had less space for their other requirements. In addition we were asked to keep the existing shed which reducing the space even more.  The garden was adjacent to the shared car parking area. As a consequence privacy was an issue.

Tying the garden to the house

Bricks were used to build the raised planting bed to visually link the new garden to the house. This also created a change in level to add interest as well as seating on the extended half circular coping stone. In addition, a new timber screen creates the privacy required as well as acting as a trellis for climbing roses. We painted both the shed and screens to match, tying these fixtures together.

The clients are delighted with a space which is now the pretty cottage style garden that they had hoped for. Most of all they like the fact that they can enjoy the garden equally inside and out.

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