The use of garden rooms has become the main design approach for a new house in Southport. It is a large garden and each garden room has a different character to enjoy as you walk from space to space.

A contemporary entertainment space leads off the living room. A feature wall of stone is the focal point, and is viewed as you enter the house from the front door. An outdoor kitchen is built of to one side. At the other side, a low wall extends towards the house and screens the hot tub from the main space.

Plenty of lawn was a key criteria for the young boys of the family. Consideration was given as to how the lawns would sit with the contemporary courtyard space. Straight lines ensure they they work comfortably together.

A formal kitchen garden leads from the orangery at the side of the house. There is also a raised bed and a greenhouse, and espaliered fruit trees are grown against the brick boundary wall.

Lastly, you walk through a metal moon gate to the wildflower meadows. Nestled amongst the flowers there is also a wildlife pond with a small wooden bridge to cross.

An elegant front garden

Strong symmetry and clean crisp lines give this area a very formal feel, creating a grand entrance to the new house. An avenue of trees leads to the front door, each tree planted in a square of box hedging. In addition, an elegant wrought iron pergola extends through the space, and is viewed from one of the main windows.


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