A Gold Medal RHS Show Garden for the Alzheimer’s Society, ‘Remember to Reflect’.  I was approached a year earlier to design a garden to help promote the great work of Alzheimer’s Society in the North West of England.

First of all we decided that it had to be a large garden to create the most impact. It was to be designed as a space for quiet reflection. Somewhere to reminisce and seek inspiration and pleasure in the simple joys of nature. It could be a garden for the carer of someone living with Alzheimers to maybe sit on their own. Or for a carer and patient to sit and enjoy together.

A Reflective Pool

A dark, reflective pool emphasises the reflective nature of the space. The pool  introduces the cool and calming qualities of water. Large stepping-stones across the water appear to float on the surface. The choice of materials is kept to a minimum to keep the overall design simple and sophisticated. Planting was chosen to contrast with the modern simplicity of the hard landscaping; it is exuberant and naturalistic.  Grasses have been used for their fabulous texture and movement with the colourful flower heads of tall perennials for contrast.

We and the team from Alzheimer’s Society were absolutely delighted when the garden was awarded a gold medal. All the hard work of the landscape team and volunteers who helped to plant it really paid off.

During the show the garden featured on many local and national radio shows and the response from the public was enormous.

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